ZF transmission

ZF transmissions


Case (J I Case Construction) ZF Transmission and Case ZF Transmission

Your Case Construction Equipment ZF transmissions won't just be rebuilt Your rebuild will last years longer than our non-authorized competition!

Your rebuild is done quickly and rebuilt to Bowers strict standards the first time - we aren't learning on your transmission - we are  Case ZF transmission specialists.

Case Wheel Loaders use both ZF Transmission and Axles in the following:

    521D ,621, 621B, 621C, 621D, 721, 721B, 721C, 821, 821B, 821C, 921, 921B, 921C

All replacement parts are genuine ZF; you won't suffer additional down time because aftermarket parts were used in your rebuild and failed shortly after you installed the rebuilt transmission.

We offer rebuilding services for;

ZF Assembly        ZF Model        CNH Reb P/N    CNH Loader Model

4656024017R        4WG130        361424A1R   521D
4642054014R        4WG150        LR127731     621
4642054018R        4WG150        LR129926     621B
4642054052R        4WG150        241952A1R   621B
4656054019R*      4WG160        196172A1R   621C
4656054025R*      4WG160        318999A1R   621D
4644004207R        4WG180        LR127201     721
4644004208R        4WG180        LR127202     721B
4644004219R***  4WG180        LR129912     721
4644004220R        4WG180        LR129353     721
4657024026R*      4WG190        196173A1R   721C
4644024014R        4WG200        LR124591     821
4644024065R**    4WG200        183098A1     821B
4644024100R***  4WG200        183093A1R   721B
4644024131R        4WG200        241954A1R   821B
4657054026R*      4WG210        196174A1R   821C
4644024135R        4WG200        241953A1R   721B
4644024216R**    4WG200        LR129917     821
4646004037R        4WG250        114363A1R   921
4646004066R        4WG250        241955A1R   921B
4646054010R*      4WG260        380529A1R   921C


We do it right the first time!!

Case Transmissions

Case transmissions


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