ZF transmission

ZF transmissions


Moxy ZF Transmission Parts and Rebuilt Moxy ZF Transmissions 

Your Moxy transmissions won't just be rebuilt - it will have the latest factory technical improvements added during the rebuild. Your rebuild will last years longer than our non-authorized competition!

Moxy Articulated Trucks use both ZF transmissions and ZF axles in the following models:

    6225, 6227, MT30, MT30S, MT26, MT31, MT40, MT40B


ZF Assembly        ZF Model        MOXY ADT Model
4644026011R        6WG 200        6225/6227
4644026063R        6WG 200        6225/6227
4644026191R        6WG 200        MT 30 S
4644026199R        6WG 200        
4644026201R        6WG 200        6225/6227
4644026275R        6WG 200        
4644026277R        6WG 200        

4644026198R        6WG 200        
w/ Ret.        
4646066001R        6WG 260        MT 31
4646066012R        6WG 260        MT 31
4646066026R        6WG 260        MT 31

4646076004R        6WG 310        MT 40 B
4646076013R        6WG 310        MT 40 B

4616006005R        6WG 65        MT 40   
4475 019 0XX        MT-2075        AT184406        see tab
4475 019 0XX        MT-2075        AT195929        see tab

All replacement parts are genuine ZF; you won't suffer additional down time because aftermarket parts were used in your rebuild and failed shortly after you installed the rebuilt transmission.

We have eight rebuild technicians - your rebuild is completed in three to four days!

We do it right the first time!!

Moxy transmission

Moxy Transmissions



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